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During the month of November each year, Movember asks men across the world to grow a moustache with the aim of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer.

Guys taking part (Mo Bros) are helping to change the face of men’s health by effectively becoming walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November and through their actions and words raise awareness by promoting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health. Raising awareness and funds is vital because of the facts about prostate cancer in Sweden:

• On average, 1 man dies every 4 hours of prostate cancer in Sweden
• Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in Sweden
• In Sweden, 10,000 men are diagnosed every year, this is the equivalent of more than 25 men per day
• 2500 men die every year from prostate cancer in Sweden

Global Action Plan
Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the state of men’s health. To this end Movember has established the Movember Global Action Plan, which aims to accelerate prostate cancer outcomes through global research collaboration. Funds raised in Sweden will be allocated to research conducted in Europe that supports the Global Action Plan.

Movember’s GAP programme currently has two elements:

1. Annual global collaborative research project
The overall goal of the global collaborative research project is to accelerate research outcomes through collaboration on annually identified priority scientific questions. We believe that getting the best researchers from around the world to work together on key challenges will accelerate breakthroughs that will ultimately benefit men with prostate cancer. Further, we believe that team-based research, performed across borders with a strong collaborative mindset, can deliver innovation and knowledge sharing faster than research conducted primarily at a national level.

Each year Movember’s Global Scientific Committee convenes a meeting to determine the number one research area that could benefit most from global collaboration. Once the priority area is endorsed by Movember’s Board then the best prostate cancer researchers in the world are brought together and funded to collaborate and answer that question.

2. Promoveo - a prostate cancer knowledge exchange platform
Movember is creating a global, online community for prostate cancer researchers, clinicians and organisations called Promoveo. Similar to LinkedIn, but tailored specifically for the prostate cancer research community, Promoveo members can share ideas, find out what key research resources are available in other countries, post information to foster discussion, and connect with other researchers from across the globe to drive outcomes.

Stemming from Latin, Promoveo means to move forward, accomplish, advance, bring to light. Our aim is to create a forum for free information exchange about prostate cancer research that will accelerate outcomes. Imagine what possible opportunities may arise when a prostate cancer researcher in the Netherlands, for example, is able to connect with other researchers involved in the same field in Sweden, Canada, the UK, US, and Brazil to share knowledge and resources.

Nov 2012
Movember Funds in Action
Movember is pleased to announce the names of three Swedish researchers who have been awarded funding as part of Movember’s Global Action Plan (GAP). Established in 2011, Movember’s GAP is a global prostate cancer research initiative that is designed to bring together leading prostate cancer researchers from around the world to accelerate research outcomes.
The researchers for GAP are part of a global team of prostate cancer researchers guided by Movember’s Global Scientific Committee (GSC). The GSC was established to direct the GAP program and is comprised of internationally renowned prostate cancer experts from Australia  (Prof Pamela Russell), Canada (Dr Rob Bristow), USA (Dr Jonathan Simons), UK (Prof Hing Leung), Netherlands (Prof Jack Schalken) and Ireland (A/Prof William Watson) and Chaired by prostate cancer expert, Professor Colleen Nelson (Chair Prostate Cancer Research and Executive Director, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland / Queensland University of Technology, Australia).
The first of the GAP projects (GAP1) is an international prostate cancer biomarker initiative. The GAP1 project seeks to develop new tests that better predict aggressive prostate cancer, characterise metastatic disease (“disease spread”) and treatment resistance that ultimately helps patients and their doctors when it comes to making decisions around treatment choices.
Movember has awarded 90,000 Euro to Professor Anders Bergh, Dr. Pernilla Wikström and Dr. Marie Lundholm from Umeå University for their research activities that forms part of the GAP1 global ‘exosomes’ project. This will better enable them to validate promising new tests to capture and detect unique prostate cancer markers called exosomes, that circulate in a patient’s blood and urine.  These markers have been shown to be informative of prostate cancer progression.
Movember’s Executive Director, Programs, Paul Villanti:
“Movember is delighted to have some of Sweden’s leading prostate cancer researchers making an important contribution to the Global Action Plan. With the support of Swedish Mo Bros and Sistas, we look forward to continuing to support Swedish prostate cancer researchers as part of the global biomarker initiative, as well as the forthcoming second global research project - GAP2, a prostate cancer imaging project.”
Funds raised from the Movember 2012 campaign in Sweden will be committed to support Swedish researchers involved in this exciting global exosomes research project.